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On the Gallery page can view Movie clips and animations. I am in the process of adding everything and anything I have, and will continue to update the site as I finish projects or just have something to say. In the navigation panel to the left you will find the 3D Model Index button, there you will find the index for all my models that are finished. I am in the process of adding each model to the index, so there may be pages that are created, but with no content on them yet. I will continue to add models to the index as they are completed and add additional content to each model.

You will also find discussions on projects that are in progress HERE in the forum, where you can join in and discuss details or models or the object that is being modeled in general.

Development of the America's Armor Sim Project has started to ramp up. I now have the domain for this project and have created a Forum for our base of operations.

In the coming months we will be designing and creating the first level and the OPFOR tank to oppose the M1A2 Abrams. Right now the variant of tank is still up in the air.

At which time these assets are complete we will be releasing our first beta version of the sim to a select few. To get involved in this project, goto the forums and register and get involved as a volunteer and earn your place as a Beta Tester or a AARM Staff or MOD Member to help keep the site and forums organized. Or if you are an Active Duty Service Member and want to help keep this Sim as realistic as possible you can volunteer as a Military Liaison.

AARM Asset Development progress


Re-construction of the Abrams is finished, new texturing is in progress.


I started to do some re-tooling of the Abrams a little bit. I cleaned the mesh up a lot and I am going to re-do the UV maps and re-create the textures using a woodland camo, also setting the mesh up to accept other textures for different levels. I also configured the model so in the future when we flesh out the turrets we will have an easier time doing so with the current meshes.


Development of the Opfor T-90 tank is under development right now. This tank will have to prove itself in game as the strongest Opfor tank in game, although it is no match for the superior Abrams, I will no doubt have to add some toughness to it behind the scenes. I would have liked to use the T-95 variant instead, but it seems that the brass in Moscow scrapped that for reasons unknown. There still is a chance of using the T-95 Black Eagle, but there is not enough reference material at this time to create a realistic version of it.

The texture file will be 4096x4096 and will most likely be the Russian camo style. Once the Opfor tank is completed we will start development on the support vehicles for each tank. For the U.S. Forces we will be using the M-88, and it is up in the air which vehicle is going to be used for the Axis Forces.

I create aircraft models for a web presence here in the Metro-Detroit area, and continue to add new aircraft renderings to their library of aircraft. So I have a model of one of their aircraft in progress at all times basically. Since I started these models for them I have greatly improved my modeling skills and texturing, as every model is different and have their own unique details that need to be modeled or textured. I have picked up different techniques for different things and implemented them greatly improving my own techniques.

Combat Aircraft.com is a site that is visited from around the world, for their large library of information on aircraft from around the world. Mainly used for identification purposes, but in large visited by many people that are just interested in anything about combat aircraft.

I have made two models for them that are replicas of aircraft that are stationed on Selfridge ANG Base here in Metro-Detroit. The KC-135 can be viewed HERE and the A-10 HERE, although the A-10 model is under a refurb at the moment it will be added soon.